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9 Different, Slick Ways To Capture Opt-Ins Directly And Add Them To Your Lists


Automatically Scours The Internet And Adds Demographic Data For You


Easily Send Your Emails Based On Social Data Such As Age, Gender, And Location

SendReach Does All The Hard Work For You

9 Different Ways To Get New Subscribers

(instead of just the same old sign-up forms)

Demographically Driven Broadcasts

Send broadcasts to specific people with a click

'Done-For-You' List Importing

List importing WITHOUT confirmation email requirements

Demographically Driven Autoresponders

Send a series of autoresponders to specific people

Facebook And Google+

'Just-Click' opt-in options

Automated List Cleaning

Scan your list and suppress spam traps, etc.

Full Social Profile Demographics

Added to contact records when 'Just-Click' is used

Built-In SMS Mass Texting Platform

That utilizes SendReach’s demographic tools

Automatic QR Code

Created for each list

Social Data Detection

Gathers additional information from social networks

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Gender Tools

Gender is one of the most important and useful pieces of information to hold about your subscribers, prospects, and customers. When you know who on your mailing list is female and who is male, you’re able to…

Connect much more quickly with newly opted-in subscribers by sending automated emails written specifically for men or for women.

Send email broadcast on the fly — one for men, one for women — so your readers are much more likely to listen to what you have to say.

Ask only the women to forward your SMS broadcasts, since women are more likely to forward a text message than men. (With SendReach, you’re able to do this for the first time ever.)

Overall, this capability can save a significant chunk of your advertising budget.

Social Data Detection

In comparison to a list with full demographic data, a regular list with only names and email addresses is not nearly as potent since messages you send to it can’t be segmented and tailored for gender, age, and location, etc.

So because clients import their existing regular lists into SendReach, we built our Social Data Detection system — a natural evolution for our cutting-edge platform.

Now, on every list, including regular lists, the system automatically selects the entries lacking demographic data... searches for the entries’ email addresses on social networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter... copies any public demographic data linked to those addresses it finds... and adds that data to the entries.

This process makes all your lists worth much more because then you can exploit SendReach’s other tools designed to work with ‘social data’.

Demographically Driven

With SendReach email broadcasts, you can quickly and painlessly target your messages only at those customers and prospects for whom they are relevant.

Say you’ve accrued numerous mailing lists from different list building efforts over the years and today you want to send a broadcast email with an offer for something only younger women would want. It’s as easy as pie with SendReach (and no other service on Earth, by the way)...

Just select all your lists with a single click... then from easy drop-down menus select ‘females’ and desired age range... and hit ‘send’. Done.

And this demographically driven email process can be exploited just as easily by a SendReach autoresponder — wherein pre-written emails are automatically released over days and weeks to a pre-determined schedule — allowing you to build a relationship with your subscribers on autopilot.

Age. Gender. Location. Or any combination of the three. SendReach gives you precise control over who sees what message.

SMS Platform

Of course, these days you can send SMS text messages en masse. But imagine now being able to send them based on demographic data, too...

Because SendReach makes it as easy to broadcast SMS messages as it does email messages... just to men... or just to women... or just to twenty-somethings... or just to Americans... or to any combination.

Try it yourself and you’ll be as amazed as most of our thousands of users already are.

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QR Codes

For each list you create in your SendReach account, we automatically create a super-easy-to-use, high-resolution QR code.

Why is this important?

Well, QR codes are by far the most effective way to build an email list face-to-face with your customers and prospects. They simply scan the code with their smartphone and in milliseconds you capture the same demographic data you would if they’d subscribed to your list on your web page.

Then you can use all the cool SendReach tools to build a relationship with these subscribers, too.

List Cleaner

Once again, SendReach is the only service on the planet with this extremely important feature.

Your email deliverability — the percentage of your messages that reach inboxes rather than ‘Junk’ folders — is affected by a number of variables; none more critical than the ‘cleanliness’ of your email lists.

So SendReach’s List Cleaner scans your lists and suppresses not only known spam-trap emails and ‘moles’ but also historically suspect email addresses and subscribers.

Thus it rids your lists of the ‘undesirables’ who damage your deliverability and rids you of the worthless emails costing you money you would otherwise send them.

Note that our List Cleaner not only works when you import your lists without the need for your subscribers needing to reconfirm again, it works in real time, as and when new subscribers opt in...

...and SendReach is the only Email Service Provider on the planet with such an extremely valuable ‘laundry service’.

Integrations & SendLabs

Easily connect your SendReach account to social networks and over 30 professional marketing services, each designed to build your lists, communicate with your subscribers, and sell your product or service to those subscribers. All on your behalf.

Whether you need professionally designed sales funnels or Facebook marketing, or even video marketing, we have an integration service to meet your need.

Want to be able to connect subscribers to your own app or other apps you use? Not a problem. You can even connect your shopping cart or database to our app, which automatically transfers subscribers from one list to another, triggered by their purchase of an item from you.

Managed Services

Why not let SendReach do all the heavy lifting for you?

Do you sometimes think: “If only I could get someone to do my email marketing for me.”?

Well, at SendReach we have a team of professionals who are ready to do all the hard work for you. We have copywriters; we have graphic designers; and we have email marketing experts. Together they can create and deploy your campaigns in the just right way.

All you have to do is give us a basic idea of what you want to achieve and we’ll do the rest. We’ll even make suggestions for leveraging your campaigns in ways you’d never have thought possible — at least not without years of experience.

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Support & Training

Real support from real people.

SendReach support is not farmed out to some third-party service using canned responses to queries. No. Our support team is employed by us, and every team member is an email marketing expert.

But it doesn’t end there. We can also do one-on-one training over Skype or through our tutorial webinars.

We also run interactive webinars, not only on how to get the best out of your SendReach account but also on email marketing. We offer one-on-one tailored training as well, in which you learn exactly what you want to know from one of our experts during a pre-booked time slot.