You Only Pay For The Number Of Subscribers You Have, NOT The Number Of Emails You Send Out!


Up To 1,000


$29 Per Month

Up To 5,000

$79 Per Month

Up To 10,000

$119 Per Month

Up To 25,000

$239 Per Month

More than 25,000

On Application

SendReach Does All The Hard Work For You

9 Different Ways To Get New Subscribers

(instead of just the same old sign-up forms)

Demographically Driven Broadcasts

Send broadcasts to specific people with a click

'Done-For-You' List Importing

List importing WITHOUT confirmation email requirements

Demographically Driven Autoresponders

Send a series of autoresponders to specific people

Facebook And Google+

'Just-Click' opt-in options

Automated List Cleaning

Scan your list and suppress spam traps, etc.

Full Social Profile Demographics

Added to contact records when 'Just-Click' is used

Built-In SMS Mass Texting Platform

That utilizes SendReach’s demographic tools

Automatic QR Code

Created for each list

Social Data Detection

Gathers additional information from social networks