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Mentoring Client Reviews

  • Mark Meloon

    There is certainly no shortage of Internet gurus willing to train you, but Chuck Mullaney stands out from the crowd for his very clear commitment to the success of his students and his consistent over delivering of value. His training is carefully sequenced to provide maximum value, not to satisfy a need for immediate gratification. His track record is clear and he provides real examples for you to study. It's important to him that everyone understands the material and he puts extra structures in place to make sure no one is left behind. Additionally, there is a true sense of camaraderie among his trainees, in large part due to the culture Chuck has created. Chuck can show you how to achieve the success you want and live life on your own terms. I highly recommend his program and encourage you to jump at any opportunity to be mentored by this rare individual. Thanks Chuck!

  • Erik Bakewell

    Chuck's take on marketing is distinctly different (and vastly better) from other online marketing courses/sequences I have been exposed to. It probably isn't cool to mention names, but I've heard from lot of people we all know, plus some you probably haven't heard of. From books to online to video, etc., there are a lot of marketing courses in my rear view. Most will tell you what they think you should do, some what they think you want to hear. Chuck tells it like it is, with a disciplined and humble approach. You can tell he has done the process he's taking us through. That's important to me because I come from a manufacturers rep background, where I had 20 different sales managers telling me what to do. Many of them had no seat of the pants experience with their own techniques-it was obvious. I learn best from people who have DONE it. Chuck is one of them.

  • Rajiv Abraham

    Chuck Mullaney is the best ever, and I am talking about the man, his methods, and the results with the best ROI ever. Many of us in the coaching are putting into practice what Chuck teaches and seeing immediate results, and that's quantifiable results that blow everything else away. Now for the actual coaching, you will need to unlearn everything else that you have learnt and be prepared to start over because it is unlike anything else that you would have come across. Chuck does not teach vague theories or marketing principles, everything has been battle tested to improve conversions and sales and ensure your customers stay your customers for life especially with the emphasis the coaching places on relationship building. As a coach and mentor, Chuck Mullaney really cares for you. He is patient, extremely detail oriented and comes from wanting to see you succeed. The coaching itself is organized into bite-size chunks that you can take action on, see quantifiable results, and then move to the next module. Coming from a corporate background I have been extensively trained and mentored by many over the years. I would place Chuck Mullaney right at the very top simply based on the ROI and the results achieved, but add to that Chuck's integrity and his desire to see you succeed, you simply cannot go wrong. I would call it the best deal ever!

  • Toniy Logo

    I usually say many more words than I should. So let me try something new. In my lifetime so far, I've been fortunate enough to meet three people who had no reason to change my life the way they did, to the extent they did...but they did, immeasurably. The first, Sean, taught me how to be a man when I lacked a father figure. The second, Paul, taught me my craft and ignited my talent. The third, Chuck, taught me how to channel the best parts of myself into a lifestyle business that does good, helps others, relies on humanity, and allows me to live my life the way I always hoped I could. He's done more good than he knows, and will continue to do so, without ever needing a word of thanks. I hope one day someone will say the same about me. This is the kind of man more people should know, and listen to.

  • JT Koffenberger

    If you’re on the fence on spending the money to attend one of Chuck’s sessions…get off, open your wallet and spend the money. It will be the best investment you make all year. I know it has been for me! Chuck has the habit of over delivering… he cares about your success, not just teaching the material at hand. He wants...he needs to see you succeed. This deeply motivates him and it shows in each and every session. While he motivates, he also teaches using reason. So, if you take a course of his, don’t expect to be given the answers or shortcuts so easily. He actually expects you to learn! And you’ll be way better for it! Look for the reasons why, and the answers present themselves. Chuck has the unique ability to tailor his classes based upon the people or person he’s working with. I worked with him in a group setting where he took a substantial amount of time getting to know the class as a whole, yet when answering a question, he responds in the particular situation for that particular person’s focus. This is a true talent. So,in short, would I spend the money again? ABSOLUTELY! It has been a life changing experience for me. I hope you choose freedom as I did.

  • Doc TheCoach

    I have a deep appreciation for those who master a subject and then turn 'round to share it with others. Chuck Mullaney has superb insight in regards to email marketing, and I signed up for his training because my list is large and it demands my best effort to both serve them and monetize all of my list-building efforts. Never disappointed. Never a stone unturned. I recommend diving in to a mentoring opportunity with Chuck. He delivers, and keeps going beyond what you'd expect. That's rare mojo these days.

  • Stan Furlough

    I made a very wise decision and am a very happy man. Yes, the money IS in the List! So many burn their list and get industry average results like a 1% return. The Truth is the money is in the RELATIONSHIP with the list! There is only one true expert on email List Relationship Building. That expert is Chuck Mullaney the creator of the impressive SendReach email/auto responder platform. Chuck is by far the most sincere, real, no BS, Over delivering Mentor I have ever experienced in over 3 yrs. online. What I have learned from Chuck will serve me for the rest of my online career. I have never received so much value for my dollar invested. Chucks Mentoring is literally Priceless. My only regret is that I didn't learn about Chuck at the beginning of my online marketing efforts. I could have made sooo much more money with a much smaller list and with fewer headaches. I will always point to the mentoring Chuck provided as the pivotal moment I began to make more money with the same or less effort. I will always be a fan and follower of Chuck Mullaney!

  • Arthur Zablocki

    I was skeptical at first as the progress was slow, however then everything clicked. Chuck teaches you how to be patient and systematic, also rather predictable at times. You set straight expectations to your subscribers and in return they know how to behave and respond to a specific piece of material, you send their way. Chuck's training laid the foundation to any future training I will be doing. As one of the other participants of Chuck's training mentioned here-it is all about the list to ensure recurring and consistent income.

  • Catherine Johnston

    I've taken a lot of courses so I have a lot of training and mentoring to compare Chuck's to. For me I believe the main advantage to mentoring with Chuck is that he hasn't put me under information overload. Because there aren't tons of videos to wade through I'm actually finally IMPLEMENTING! How many times have you gone through a course with nothing to show for it at the end except that you have more knowledge? I've lost count! I can tell you now! Knowledge is only powerful when you put it into action! So that's what has me totally excited about mentoring with Chuck! We are actually building our sales funnel! We are only about half way through Chuck's course and we already have an opt-in page, a giveaway report, download page, welcome letter, and the first auto responder emails written! This is the most we have accomplished in all the courses we have taken. So Thank You,Chuck! We are excited to have the ball rolling! And can't wait for the rest of the course!

  • Tania Shipman

    I've learnt so much from Chuck since I signed up for his course. The information, support, insight and passion that Chuck brings to his mentoring is unbelievable. If you are ever hesitating over this course or another, buy this one. The value is unbelievable, the people Chuck mentors and connects us with are caring, real, giving and what you learn is priceless, ageless and now.

  • Jay Fos

    Mr Mullaney, you have simply made it your commitment to over deliver and be organic. Your teaching style is second to none, If you where my school teacher i would of stayed around and learnt something. I have been part of many coaching programs but none of this class and magnitude. You're a great person and I am happy to of met you. There is a saying "if it is to good to be true its not true" WELL you have just thrown that theory off the planet.

  • Debbie McKinney

    I have learned so much from Chuck Mullaney. First to look at cultivating relationships as a long term, asset building gem, as opposed to stepping on people to get the sale. It sounds basic, but when you learn the techniques that Chuck teaches, you realize he's at a much higher level than most of us. Instantly building trust, you know he has your best interest at heart. He will tell you what you NEED to hear not always what you want to hear. That's a good thing. He transfers his experience to you (if you are open to receive it) in a way that you learn how to create it yourself, not just copy what he is doing. Chuck is a patient teacher, unfolding step by step what you need to know at the right time.

  • Pete Thompson

    I'm in the middle of our mentorship and have learned more in the last month than I have in 5 years trying to figure this "stuff" out on my own. Your direct approach and honest communication style are EXACTLY what I've been needing. I look forward to continuing our mentorship....appreciate everything you're doing!!

  • Shawn Lebaron

    Chuck is the real deal. He makes you feel that your success is important to him. His coaching is always the best of what he knows to be working for him now, not a canned course that is out of date and impersonal. I know that by following exactly what he teaches, I will achieve my goals, without having to figure out on my own, the missing information, like so many other courses. On top of all of his advice and teaching is this group of wonderful people on Facebook, who openly share their work on this path to success for us all. By sharing openly, we are all able to not only motivate each other, but offer help to those when they need it. Thank you Chuck! I advise anyone who has the chance to sign up for anything Chuck has to offer. And I don't recommend ANYONE else in all the coaching and courses I have taken.

  • Ron Miller

    I am just starting in Internet Marketing, and was at a loss as to how to proceed with building a list. Chuck Mullaney has laid this out step-by-step system for "what works now", and explained it so that even a rookie like me can proceed with confidence. Many marketers claim they over-deliver. They do, but none come anywhere close to delivering as much as Chuck. I am getting an education in many areas of IM as a bonus!

  • Marik Singh

    I don't beat around the bush; Chuck Mullaney, Mr. Over Deliver period. You want to get started on email marketing or internet marketing, he's your go to guy every time.

SendReach User Reviews

  • Ernesto Verdugo

    Chuck, you got a killer autoresponder system. Easy to use, build BY A Marketer for marketers.
    I've been a 1Shoppingcart user for a while but I've tried almost every other autoresponder out there, including Aweber, Confussionsoft, Get Response and was never satisfied to "change" UNTIL you showed me SendReach. I am really grateful, my deliverability has gone up my "optins" are up and love how "straight forward" and easy to use this software is.
    What you're offering is a killer! Thanks Man

  • Robert Grant

    The segmenting capability of SendReach is Absolutely Out Of This World, and it's something I recommend all my customers to go and use. I work with many multi million dollar promotions with household brands and just recently, one of my customers asked how do I find out the demographics of my customers so I can talk to them in their language and the FIRST thing I said to him was, Get Yourself A SendReach Account. SendReach is Third Generation Marketing.

  • Ben Adkins

    There is nothing out there like sendreach. I've been testing it out for the past 5 months and I've seen a huge difference with my inbox rate as well as my open rate. If you're on the fence... Make the jump... Sendreach is amazing.

  • Ryan McKinney

    SendReach has transformed the way I do email marketing for 2014. It's exactly what every marketer needs!

  • Chris Munch

    SendReach is the most innovative email platform out there, pushing the boundaries to truly integrate and coordinate social media user data with email promotions. With SendReach I now truly know who my audience is and can segment accordingly. Its extremely powerful!

  • Matt Gill

    Rarely does a true innovation come along that revolutionizes how we do marketing. But this is it. SendReach is revolutionary. This is the next generation e-marketing platform for reaching your prospects & customers with your messages. Send Reach gives you a huge edge that nobody else can. Nobody else even comes close, but the really funny part is they'll be chasing the ongoing innovation for a long time to come. My prediction: you'll either get on board and embrace this, or fall behind…throwing away money that's laying on the table to be had. My Advice: Jump in now use this breakthrough platform to claim that money laying on the table & accelerate your competitive advantage. There's no reason at all not to, and plenty of newfound profits that make this a no brainer move forward for you.

  • Jayson Benoit

    Pure awesomeness! Nothing but good things coming from this service and deliverability is top notch! Integration, segmentation, and automation is like no other auto responder on the market.

  • Darcy Guello

    As I've been beta-testing SendReach, I keep wondering, What are all the other email autoresponders going to do when SendReach becomes available to the general public? This is like the day the Steam Engine raced the Stage Coach. Obviously SendReach is going to change the autoresponder industry making most other autoresponders obsolete.

  • Ross Goldberg

    I've always had issues with autoresponder services. Aweber was awful and when I asked them for help, their response was: "Sorry...". It's incredibly refreshing to know that my emails are now received by those that want them. SendReach puts my needs first and every time I've had an issue or question it gets addressed. Almost instantly. The technology they use ensures my emails are received and I've got a very clear look at who my customers are due to the data the system has pulled for them. I've never been happier with a business service. Thanks for giving me the ability to leave Aweber!

  • Matt Stefanik

    I've been using Aweber for 3 years, during which time I've searched for better alternatives multiple times but just could never find anything good enough to pull the trigger on....and then there came SendReach. With advanced analytics, subscriber data, segmentation, multiple list entry options, and more - nobody understands what next level marketers need more than SendReach. I'm very impressed and thrilled to have made the switch.


WARNING: Pricing Will NOT Make Sense Without Watching The Video Above!
Click here to see pricing